Electronic version of the Contract bridge to use in the Club Tournaments.

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About DassBridge

Dassbridge is an effort to automate the entire contract bridge tournaments.

Hello, I am Chanchal Dass. At the age of sixteen, I have started playing contract bridge. I have conceptualized and developed the dassbridge app to automate the entire tournament. It is not for playing online tournaments. The main purpose of this app is to conduct offline tournaments that can be played using smartphones, laptops, and tablets. It can be used tournaments between 1 to 50 pairs of players. It can be used for teaching contract bridge. There is provision for chatting with the player where one can send messages for demonstration purposes. It can be used for playing rubber bridge.

What We Offer

Salient Features of DassBridge

The dassbridge is comprised of two apps-one is dassbridgeserver and the other is dassbridgeplayer.

The product provides the following features:

1. Complete tournament can be played using computers on a network.

2. The product can be installed on any desktop operating system.

3. Players can bid and play the cards and see their score.

4. Spectators can join in on any table during a tournament to view the on-going match.

5.  Players can toggle the option to confirm before making the desired move.

6. Four deck of cards are provided for every player to choose their choice of design from.

7. The players need not specify the server’s IP address.

8. The client implements an automated server discovery mechanism.

9. The application supports Mitchell movements for up to 50 tables and Howell movements for up to 20 tables.

10. It supports Matchpoints and IMP (International Match Points) tournament scoring.

11. Old tournaments can be reviewed and matches be replayed.

12. They can also be exported to portable files.


What We Offer

Android Application

For Offline Games only
Online(Coming soon....)

Windows Application

Available for both offline and online

Organize Tournaments

Milions of users  us!

Application at Affordable Pricing

Android Application
(Serve + Client >> Offline mode)

The Android Bridge Server and Client Helps to play bridge game offline on same network LAN or WiFi with Family or Friends.

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Windows Application
Only Client >> Online mode

The Windows Client Helps to play bridge game online over Internet with secured VPN connection. Can play offline too

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The tournament can be conducted with 200 players. The Organizer should fill up the form and our team will contact you.

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